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martin kierkegaard:
i didn't want to lose this wonderful piece of literature

Ok, at first I thought this question was "Why do you think what you did was wrong?" but then I realized you made it phrased differently so I couldn't snack about how there actually is no right or wrong in a sandbox game. I would just flat out say that I think what I did was wrong according to Minecraft, but it isn't, so I'm not going to say that. What I did is wrong to you, who want to play on a server where everything is built "legitimately". However, this calls into question what legitimacy really is in survival Minecraft. To most people, it involves not using cheats such as xray and auto-digging bots or other things, but to you it involves more, such as ignoring anything that can be done within the game but can give you a unique advantage that others cannot get, such as duplicating items before a region is reset, seeing diamonds in an unloaded chunk due to lag, or eliminating fog in Optifine. Although, in itself, resetting regions is even more unlegit than the aforementioned things due to you having to exit the game and use another program to do it. However, since this was righting a wrong (shmoopy's griefing) you may feel it was okay, but I feel it was as unlegit as the duplication of items, since Shmoopy put you under a legit (no hacking or tricks or anything else) disadvantage, you got yourself out of that with an unlegit advantage. If this had happened to somewhere else, like Kaeshar, would you have reverted it as well?

:-[ I feel if I went with the above I would get permabanned

Bravo, bravo.

the problem is it's not a pvp server and you're not supposed to directly disadvantage people, because that is seen as "wrong", most likely even to the people that do it

you know (i would hope) that bla doesn't like when people duplicate items with the glitches that sometimes happen (like the piston one) so why would taking something from a chunk that will be reset be any more legit than the resetting itself, considering what you removed will not be reset. how is duplication in anyway more legit than just fixing something a griefer (done obviously on purpose for the intent of grief) to an original condition without putting in all the work over again? it's not legit in a glitch, it shouldn't be legit when a chunk is being fixed either.


I will not ban you. But I think it is a bit disappointing to see that you instead write

--- Quote ---Honestly, I know that what I did was wrong according to what you think, but it isn't officially in Blacraft rules. I also feel that you should have been more questioning when I asked for a permaban. I feel that duplicating items is giving myself an unlegit advantage compared to other players, which is Illegal on Blacraft.
--- End quote ---
And than you then go elsewhere to argue the exact opposite, that your advantage wasn't unlegit.

However, my question was, as you state, worded differently, and was simply

--- Quote ---What do you think about what you did?
--- End quote ---
All I intended was to see what you think about your own actions, to get an idea of how you would behave in the future. I still don't think because of this that you will break the rules in the future. But I object to calling it a wonderful piece of literature when it is really simply rewording my question to a strawman discussion of what is legit and unlegit, two vague and hard to define concepts that I still think you can get a strong sense of by using your intuition, when there was at least one actual, much simpler rule that was broken - destroying infrastructure built by others.


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