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Re: sdafdfas
« on: September 19, 2013, 12:36:25 pm »
I will not ban you. But I think it is a bit disappointing to see that you instead write
Honestly, I know that what I did was wrong according to what you think, but it isn't officially in Blacraft rules. I also feel that you should have been more questioning when I asked for a permaban. I feel that duplicating items is giving myself an unlegit advantage compared to other players, which is Illegal on Blacraft.
And than you then go elsewhere to argue the exact opposite, that your advantage wasn't unlegit.

However, my question was, as you state, worded differently, and was simply
What do you think about what you did?
All I intended was to see what you think about your own actions, to get an idea of how you would behave in the future. I still don't think because of this that you will break the rules in the future. But I object to calling it a wonderful piece of literature when it is really simply rewording my question to a strawman discussion of what is legit and unlegit, two vague and hard to define concepts that I still think you can get a strong sense of by using your intuition, when there was at least one actual, much simpler rule that was broken - destroying infrastructure built by others.