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Re: legitimate discussion post #1
« on: September 08, 2013, 06:29:50 pm »

>be walking down a road
>see shrek
>shrek approaches me
>unzips his fly
>I get scared as ****
>shrek grins
>shrek closes in on me
>back into a wall
>shrek starts fondling my boobs with his big hands
>matty comes out of the alleyway
>sees me
>matty kills shrek because shrek was a heathen
>matty gets a 14
>matty is love matty is life
Hard is it on earth,
with rampant whoredom; 
Axe-time, sword-time,
shields are splintered.
Wind-time, wolf-time,
ere the world falls.
Let me show you who you are
when you know it could change the rule 
Tell me that our miracle will fade
And I will tell you to keep on fighting 
Don't say that you want it if you're
never gonna grab it before it's too late 
The lack of thrill isn't from lack of love
but from its abundance