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« on: March 18, 2013, 02:20:54 pm »
Fiah: feeling around, you land on a white skirt with boxers, and put them on gracefully.
Tuto: asking around, you feel hellpotatoe's chest a meter from yours.
Mudkipz: you yell, and fiah, kalassak, and bong reply with screams of comfirmation
TheMooCows: pushing as hard as you can, you try to open the solid steel doors, but they won't budge more than an inch
Smjjames: in the dark, you push you hand out aggresively, only to find Bla's butt, TheMooCow's back, Yqt's head, kalassak's dick, and darvince's dick
Kalassak: bong's tiny hand slaps into your chest, and you instantly know where you also feel smjjames, mudkipz, fiahowl, mudkipz, and yqt1001
yqt1001, despreate, sense themoocos, smjjames and kalassak next to him
bong: bong roughly pushes past the group heading to the doors, and ends up in between kalassak and yqt1001
*gives up, to many people*